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Applauding @kabbee for brilliant customer service (as usual)! So good they even fix MY mistakes!
Matthew R, Twitter
Best price and I always use if for airport travel.
Alisha A, Google Reviews
When moving around London and using minicabs, there’s nothing easier than Kabbee. Because there isn’t only Uber… ^_^
Sarah D, Source
When moving around London and using minicabs, there’s nothing easier than Kabbee. Because there isn’t only Uber… ^_^
Sarah D, Source
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Surprisingly cheap

Money Icon Airport rides much cheaper than Uber and Addison Lee.

Fixed fares

Money Icon Feel relaxed, you don’t pay for traffic, poor routes or surge pricing.

30 mins free waiting

Time Icon No rush, you have 30 free waiting time with a meet & greet service.

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Trusted and reliable

Star Icon Licensed, vetted partners with 24/7 availability and customer support. Customer ratings strike off poor fleets.

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What is Kabbee?

Kabbee is London’s leading airport transfer app

Which minicab companies are providing the quotes?

There are around 70 fleets providing the quotes and these are from some of the leading fleets in Greater London.

How safe are the Minicab Fleets working with Kabbee?

Kabbee’s team of industry experts has visited and audited every fleet on the platform. Not only are they all fully licensed but our internal checks on their systems, processes, technology and staff mean we know that they will provide a great service to Kabbee’s Passengers. We always ask ourselves: would we be happy with every driver taking our grandmother home? We are! And if there are any complications, we have full records of every journey and driver. Your feedback will always be appreciated at feedback@kabbee.com.

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“A minicab app that has been around for a few years now. Kabbee has no surge pricing and offers fixed fee fares at rates comparable to Uber.”

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“With over 10,000 cars operating in London... up to 65 per cent cheaper than a black cab. You can book from 5 minutes up to three months ahead.”

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“Kabbee is a price comparison app. They work with 50 London minicab fleets and charge cheap fixed fares. There's the option to pay by cash, card or prepaid account.”

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“Kabbee is 65 per cent cheaper than a black cab. All drivers for the service are fully licensed and... it only picks from minicab services with high ratings. Those with low ratings get removed from the service.”

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Why use Kabbee for your journey

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Kabbee’s Airports

Kabbee is here to make a difference. To make life easier for Londoners and to ensure you can save money getting the you need, whether you book by app, mobile web or web. Kabbee has over 60 Minicab fleets serving the area with over 3000 Minicabs available so you can book by car type, price, arrival time, on time rate and user rating. We expect our companies to meet exacting standards so our customers can expect great service, a punctual driver and a pleasant car at a great price. When we create happier passengers, we make an even greater place to be. We’re Kabbee.

Standard Car

Kabbee's Standard Cars

"Standard Car" : Our most common 'Standard Car' is a Ford Galaxy MPV (the same model as Adisson Lee, but not at the same price). We only work with the best fleets in who will usually have better types of car available. So don't be surprised if a better car shows up, and don't worry Kabbee wont charge you a penny more!

Standard Car

Kabbee's Green Cars

“Green Car” is a car that is any of the following make and model of car: Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius Estate, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight, Mercedes E300. A green car is far better for the environment. It will produce less harmful toxins, and is often a smoother, better value, quieter ride and can accommodate a family and luggage. Many of the fleets Kabbee works with will use a green car Minicab as standard for trips in and around .

Standard Car

Kabbee's Executive Cars

“Executive Car” is a car that is less than 4 years old and is any of the following make of car: BMW 5 Series, BMW 5 Series Estate, BMW 7 Series, Chrysler 300 Touring, Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes C-Class Estate, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes E-Class Estate, Mercedes R Class, Mercedes S-Class, VW Phaeton, Mercedes Vaneo, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes Vito, Jaguar X-Type, Jaguar X-Type, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar XJL, Lexus IS200, Lexus GS450, LS Lexus, Audi A4, Audi A4 Estate, Audi A5, Audi A6, Audi A6 Estate, Audi A8. Executive Minicabs typically have leather seats, much more legroom and boot space than a standard sedan. The most used Minicabs in include Mercedes, BMW and Audi. The drivers of these vehicles are usually of a 'higher standard' and may offer you extras, like free water, or mints.

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